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Waddell, Matthew Juniata Valley Bank (717)436-8211(717)436-7551 
Wade, James A. Fastenal Company (717)248-8689(717)248-2156 
Wagner, Bryson Reed Lewistown Elks Lodge #663 (717)248-1240(717)513-0015 
Wagner, Devon Lowe's (717)363-5000(717)363-5001 
Wagner, Heather Hess Tire & Auto Parts, Inc. (717)242-0703(717)248-1340 
Wagner, Jean Corvette America (717)667-3004(717)667-3174 
Wagner, Kim Zion Hair Salon (717)248-0855 
Wagner, Kimberly Zion Hair Salon (717)248-0855 
Walker, Janet Juniata River Valley Visitors Bureau (717)248-6713(717)248-6714 
Wallace, Fred Juniata Valley Bank (717)436-8211(717)436-7551 
Wallace, Ian American Red Cross (814)237-3162(814)237-0999 
Walters, Dane Juniata Business and Industry, Inc. (717)436-8201(717)641-7112 
Walters, Matt Naylor & Associates Financial Services, Inc. (717)248-1577(717)248-5740 
Warfel, Chris State Farm Insurance Agency - Chris Warfel Agent (717)248-4227(717)242-0921 
Watson, Jim Watson's Optical Inc. (717)242-2721(717)242-3510 
Waughen, Nicole Brookline (717)436-2178(717)436-6806 
Weary, Rev. William M. Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish / School (717)447-2002(717)248-1516 
Weaver, Lynne The Logan House (717)248-8415(717)248-8415 
Welham, Scott Lewistown Borough (717)248-1361(717)248-0794 
Weller, Michelle Mid-Atlantic Protel AT & T Authorized Retailer (304)264-3600 
Welsh, Frank Mifflin County Solid Waste Authority (717)242-3301(717)242-3394 
Wenrich, Tina Nittany Paper Mills, Inc. (717)247-2787(717)247-3442 
Wertz, Chris Glick's Shoes (717)242-0371(717)242-5985 
Westbrook, F. Stanley Meadowview Physical Therapy (717)667-7607(717)667-7497 
Weston, Leslie PRN Medical Staffing of Lewistown, Inc. (717)242-4403(717)242-4416 
Wheeler, Terry Juniata County Historical Society (717)436-5152 
Wheeler, Terry Tuscarora Academy Museum  
White, Cindy Jack Gaughen Network Services, Hower & Assoc. (717)436-8200(717)436-8205 
White, John ITB Enterprises, LLC (717)250-7583 
White, Suzanne Kish Bank (717)667-9200(717)667-9502 
Whitesel, Troy Comcast Business (717)454-8371 
Williams, Bonita Wyndham Properties, LLC (800)985-9049(800)985-9049 
Williams, Rick PA Cleanways of Mifflin County (717)242-1869 
Williams, Tom Sheetz, Inc. Store #158, Lewistown (814)946-3611(814)946-4375 
Wilson, David 4-Star Jewelers and Rare Coins (717)248-4444(717)248-4040 
Wilson, Lyndsey EDSI (Educational Data Systems Inc) (717)436-2517(717)436-9185 
Wilson, Jr., Paul Wilson, Paul, Jr. (717)667-2984 
Wilt, Deborah Lumina Center (717)242-2888(717)242-6318 
Wilt, Joseph & Deborah Wilt's Vending Service (717)248-0922(717)447-0099 
Wilt, Tim Heritage Home Rentals (717)543-3445(717)850-0192 
Wingard, Dave Valley View Retirement Community (717)935-2105(717)935-5109 
Winters, Margaret Juniata Valley Employer Advisory Council (717)248-9849 
Wise-Foltz, Natali Zion Hair Salon (717)994-6219 
Witherite, Ron Ron's Fruit Market Inc. (717)667-3978(717)667-9221 
Witzel, Matt WMRF, WIEZ, Bigfoot Country (717)248-6757(717)248-6759 
Womer, Susan Reisinger Family Practice (717)694-9909(717)694-9912 
Woodring, Alice Hockenberry 1847 Financial, An Office of Penn Mutual (717)994-4153(717)242-0306 
Worthy, Heather Worthy's Refuse, Inc. (814)542-3226(814)542-3228 
Wray, Corey Poe Valley Snowmobile Club (717)543-6148 
Wray, Corey P. Wray's Landscaping, Inc. (717)242-3300(717)248-3300 
Wysocki, Christopher Juniata Valley Behavioral and Developmental Services (717)242-6467(717)242-6471 

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