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LaBuda, Kristen Carlisle Sports Emporium (717)258-4741 
Lacey, Mary WCHX WKVA WVNW (717)242-1493(717)242-3764 
Lake, Luke The Lake Dealerships (717)248-0151(888)371-5193 
Lamb, Scott First National Bank (717)248-4951(717)242-6646 
Lane, Erik WCHX WKVA WVNW (717)242-1493(717)242-3764 
Laughlin, Beth Beech-Run Farm (717)348-0394 
Lauver, Larry Lost Creek Golf Course (717)463-8336(717)463-9041 
Lauver, Sandy MCS Bank (717)248-5445(717)248-6602 
Lawson, Mark Lewistown Florist, Inc. (717)248-9683(717)248-9684 
Lawson, Pat Friends of the Embassy Theatre, Inc. (717)248-0321 
Leach, Jerry Juniata Valley Construction (717)320-6016 
Leeper, Cathy Juniata Memorial Park, Inc. (717)242-2555(717)242-2550 
Leister, Bobbi J. Pennian Bank (717)436-2144(717)436-2345 
Leister, Jim Lemed Associates (717)248-1474(717)248-1474 
Leister, Katie United Way of Mifflin-Juniata (717)248-9636(717)248-5648 
Leister, Martha Juniata Valley Tri-County Drug & Alcohol Abuse Com (717)242-1446(717)242-1447 
Leister, Melissa Representative Adam Harris (717)436-6001(717)436-5362 
Leitzel, Richard Pennian Bank (717)436-2144(717)436-2345 
Lenkevich, Tom Giant Food Store (717)240-5501(717)249-8705 
Lenox, Jason Jeff Tate Paving, Inc. (717)248-6110(717)248-7645 
Lentz, Alicia Mifflin County Academy of Science & Technology (717)248-3933(717)248-5148 
Lepley, Robert Lepley, Robert, Electrical Contractor (717)248-1182(717)248-8872 
Lerch, Edward Lerch RV (717)667-1400(717)667-1401 
Linda Gardner, Kurt M. Packer & Trolley Car Cafe (814)404-1054 
Lindsey, Kevin H. Lindsey's Decorative Concrete (717)543-4990 
Linn, Don J & D's Inc. (717)248-8125(717)248-8135 
Logan, Michelle Squire Brown's, LLC (717)667-2556(717)667-2567 
Long, Kate NuVisions Center (717)242-1444(717)242-8715 
Love, Michelle WCHX WKVA WVNW (717)242-1493(717)242-3764 
Luckovich, Nichole Service, Access & Management, Inc. (717)242-0351(717)242-8575 
Lundberg, PT, DPT, ATC, John PHOENIX Rehabilitation & Health Services-Lewistown (717)953-9643(717)953-9961 

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