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Garrett, James Valley View Retirement Community (717)935-2105(717)935-5109 
Garrett, James Juniata Valley Employer Advisory Council (717)935-2105(717)935-5109 
Gentry, CPA, Janette K. Miller-Gentry CPA's (717)436-9555(717)436-9836 
Getz, Denny WMRF, WIEZ, Bigfoot Country (717)248-6757(717)248-6759 
Gibbons, Rhonda Harshbarger's Sub N' Malt-McVeytown (717)899-7751 
Gilson, Kathleen Energex American, Inc. (717)436-0015(717)436-0017 
Giordano, Vince Juniata County Library (717)436-6378(717)436-9324 
Glick, Dawn Bell Mountain Estate (717)348-9664 
Glick, Ed & Cheryl Brookmere Winery & Vineyard Inn (717)348-0327(888)253-6420 
Goldstone, Cheryl Primary Health Network Charitable Foundation (724)981-2375(724)981-2815 
Gomes, Bill Mifflin County Planning & Development Dept. (717)242-0887(717)242-5460 
Gordon, Dr. Alan Mifflin County Community Surgery Center (717)242-2514(717)242-3188 
Goss, William Lewistown Country Club (717)242-2544(717)242-2599 
Goss, AFM CCHT, Grace DaVita, Inc. (Lewistown Dialysis) (717)248-2344(717)248-3240 
Gray, Alice Juniata County Commissioners Office (717)436-7703(717)436-7766 
Gray, Antoinette NHS Juniata River Center (717)248-8540(717)248-4465 
Gray, Darla Shining Light Through the Darkness (717)635-0919 
Gray, Darlene Shining Light Through the Darkness (717)953-6352 
Gray, Kim Jack Gaughen Network Services, Hower & Assoc. (717)436-8200(717)436-8205 
Graybill, Todd Juniata County Commissioners Office (717)436-7701(717)436-7766 
Green, Beverly FirstEnergy, Corp. (800)545-7741(814)947-6310 
Greenwalt, Kimberly McDonald's-KNA Enterprises, LP (717)728-7487(717)728-7415 
Griffin, Robert SCORE Association, Central Pennsylvania Chapter #618 (814)238-7558(814)234-9415 
Grose, Gregory E. DuMor, Inc. (717)436-2106(717)436-9839 
Grose, Lois Molly Maid of Mifflin / Juniata (814)238-4004 
Grose, Lois Perfection Commercial Cleaning, LLC (717)463-9611(717)463-3958 
Gross, Fred Mifflin-Juniata Concert Association (717)248-5732 
Grove, Amber The Sentinel - Lewistown (717)248-6741(717)248-3481 
Gruber, Carol The Sentinel - Lewistown (717)248-6741(717)248-3481 
Gruver, Jake Susquehanna Heartland Wine Trail (717)896-7700 
Guerrini, Delmer Guerrini Vending Machines Inc. (717)248-9611(717)248-9638 
Gum, Jeffrey Benefit Management Group (717)248-9687(717)248-9685 
Gum, Tyler Benefit Management Group (717)248-9687(717)248-9685 
Guyer, Colby Visiting Mifflin County (717)248-1519 
Guyer, Trevor Square One Clubhouse (717)242-0478(717)242-3045 

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