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Baggett, Maddie WCHX WKVA WVNW (717)242-1493(717)242-3764 
Bailey, Larissa U.S. Senator Pat Tommey (717)782-3951(717)782-3951 
Bailey, Michael Burnham OIP (717)242-0143 
Baker-Lutz, Michelle Big Daddy's Grill-N-Chill (717)248-2081 
Baney, Carol Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts (814)237-3682(814)237-0708 
Baranik, Susan Geisinger-Lewistown (717)242-4219(717)242-4210 
Barber, Marcie Juniata Valley Bank (717)436-8211(717)436-7551 
Barger, Jodie Brannon's Porta Pot Rentals (717)437-1000 
Barger, Lynn M. Barger's Landscaping Plus (717)348-3994 
Barger, Rick A. Barger's Landscaping Plus (717)242-5328 
Bargo, Deborah Friends of the Embassy Theatre, Inc. (717)248-3434 
Bargo, Deborah Lewistown Borough Mayor (717)994-4369 
Barr, Mary Lewistown Community Center (717)248-3498 
Barr, Mary Lewistown Rec Park & Pool (717)248-3498 
Barr, Roger Barr Funeral Home, Inc. (717)248-5486(717)248-2277 
Barron, Judge David Mifflin County Commissioners Office (717)248-6733(717)248-3695 
Barton, Zach Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Juniata Valley (814)237-5731 
Baughman, Josie Kiwanis Club of Lewistown (717)247-6155 
Baumgardner, Jeff Central PA Dock & Door LLC (717)248-1397(717)248-2706 
Baxter, Jared Brookline (717)436-2178(717)436-6806 
Bean, Sergeant First Class, Allan R. Lewistown U.S. Army Recruiting Center (717)342-1082(570)374-3490 
Becca Brittain, Brandy Ritchey & Impress Design & Print (717)953-9321 
Bechtel, Joel WHVL-TV Channel Communications, LLC (877)241-6988(814)238-0612 
Beckenbaugh, Cindy Honey Creek Inn the Country (717)667-2314 
Becker, David Philips Ultrasound (717)667-5088(717)667-5090 
Beers, Jennifer Jeff Tate Paving, Inc. (717)248-6110(717)248-7645 
Belcher, Nathaniel Quincy 20 East Market, LLC (305)742-8170 
Bender, Kay Geisinger-Lewistown (717)242-4219(717)242-4212 
Benner, Kimberly Pennian Bank (717)436-2144(717)436-2345 
Bennett, Dan State Farm Insurance Agency - Dan Bennett Agent (717)248-2010(717)248-3532 
Benninghoff, Kerry Representative Kerry Benninghoff (717)667-1175(717)667-6025 
Benny, Hillary Ram-Wood Custom Cabinetry, LLC (717)242-6357 
Benny, Ryan Ram-Wood Custom Cabinetry, LLC (717)242-6357 
Benson, Brandy B2 Screen Printing & More (814)644-1311 
Benson, Brian B2 Screen Printing & More (814)644-1312 
Bernstein, Caleb Stoner Pest Control, LLC (717)247-0991 
Betsy Long, Paula Frymoyer / Two Sisters (717)436-8009(717)436-0223 
Bickford, Chris Capperella Furniture (717)248-0177(717)242-0961 
Bilger, Amy & Jeremy Amy B's Hair Salon (717)437-7375 
Bilger, Blake United Cerebral Palsy of Central PA (717)247-2944(717)247-0890 
Bilich, John Mifflin County Academy of Science & Technology (717)248-3933(717)248-5148 
Bilinsky, Cheryl Mifflin County Historical Society (717)242-1022(717)242-3488 
Bilinsky, Cheryl McCoy House Museum (717)242-1022 
Bingman, Allen Bing's Diner (717)248-0696(717)248-6540 
Birch, Beth Abuse Network, Inc. (888)810-2444(717)242-0871 
Bishop, Kelly Juniata Valley Bank (717)436-8211(717)436-7551 
Bitner, Craig Overhead Door Company of Nittany Valley (717)443-9061(717)242-2170 
Bitner, Denise Overhead Door Company of Nittany Valley (717)242-0462(717)242-2170 
Bitner, Dennis Overhead Door Company of Nittany Valley (717)242-0462(717)242-2170 
Bittle, Sandi PA Business Central (814)667-3444 
Blazanin, Vladimir Lowe's (717)363-5000(717)363-5001 
Blessing, Ella Mae EMB Monogramming (717)899-7478(717)899-7644 
Blum, Ed Keller Williams Realty of Central PA (717)761-4300(717)761-0955 
Bolich, Matthew S. The Sentinel - Lewistown (717)248-7041(717)248-3481 
Bomberger, Dave Republic Development Corporation (717)436-6982(717)436-8892 
Bomberger, David M. Groninger, John E., Inc. (717)436-6982(717)436-8892 
Bonjo, Jeffrey Greenway Pharmacy (717)953-9534 
Bonson, Dennis D.H.Bonson Electrical (717)667-2975(717)667-2747 
Bonson, Mary Ann D.H.Bonson Electrical (717)667-3001(717)667-2747 
Booher, Suzanne E. Juniata Valley Bank (717)436-8211(717)436-7551 
Booher, PLS, Ronald Juniata Valley Land Surveying (717)363-0169 
Booth, Mary Primary Health Network Charitable Foundation (724)981-2375(724)981-2815 
Boring, Don Rich Coast Coffee & Tea (800)326-9592(717)220-0713 
Boring, Doug Westside Gallery (717)242-1119(717)242-6295 
Borland, David Borland, David  
Borys, Nancy Standard Steel, LLC (717)248-4911(717)248-3283 
Bottenfield, Rob Nittany Oil Company (717)248-0189(717)248-6085 
Bowsman, Danielle Meadowview Physical Therapy (717)667-7607(717)667-7497 
Boyer, David Healthy Living Trainers (717)994-2917 
Brackbill, Becky Reisinger Family Practice (717)694-9909(717)694-9912 
Bradshaw, Heather S. Vibe Hair & Nail Salon, LLC (717)248-0100(717)248-0132 
Bradshaw, Robert M.R. Stax, Inc. (717)953-9304 
Brannan, Linda Juniata Valley Behavioral and Developmental Services (717)242-6467(717)242-6471 
Brannon, Russell Brannon's Porta Pot Rentals (717)437-1000 
Bratton, Barbara Crider-Mitchell Construction (717)242-2511(717)242-3349 
Bratton, Dave Class 1 Transport, Inc. (717)899-6606(717)899-7160 
Bratton, Scott WCHX WKVA WVNW (717)242-1493(717)242-3764 
Breneman, John Senator Jake Corman (717)242-2410(717)242-4775 
Brenneman, Pattie Juniata County Fair (717)527-4414(717)527-2200 
Breon, Kathleen First National Bank (717)248-4951(717)242-6646 
Bridget Allen, R.B. Powell & Nittany Mountain Trail Rides, Inc. (717)248-2120 
Brindel, Jewel Paint Shop at Brindel's Hardware (717)667-3211(717)667-9584 
Brindle, Andrea, Inc. (717)909-8509(717)909-8550 
Britt, Mike Lewistown Country Club (717)242-2544(717)242-2599 
Brittain, John SCORE Association, Central Pennsylvania Chapter #618 (814)234-9415(814)234-9415 
Brittain, Rebecca Goin' Postal (717)248-9997(717)248-9998 
Britton, Michele White Deer Run/Cove Forge Behavioral Health System (717)968-3640 
Brosius, Devyn Fayette Area Lions Den (717)463-3300(717)463-3331 
Brouse, Shawn Port Royal Speedway (570)850-0119(717)527-2200 
Brower, Rodney Brower, Rodney L., Home Improvement (717)242-2282 
Brown, Cindy NHS Juniata River Center (717)248-8540(717)248-4465 
Brown, Jane D. K. Hostetler, Inc. (717)667-3921(717)667-3979 
Brown, Jeff Empire Kosher Poultry (717)436-7002(717)436-7077 
Brownson, Samantha PCI Insurance, Inc. (800)755-3021(814)234-1045 
Brubaker, Brenda Juniata Valley Bank (717)436-8211(717)436-7551 
Bryan, Sr., Michael S. Abel Appliance Repair (717)940-1507(717)436-9818 
Bryant, Rick Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts (814)237-3682(814)237-0708 
Bubb, Kimberly Kish Bank (717)667-9200(717)667-9502 
Bubb, Mary-Ann Seven Mountains Wine Cellar & Vintner's Inn (814)364-1000 
Bubb, Scott Seven Mountains Wine Cellar & Vintner's Inn (814)364-1000 
Buffington, Michael One-Stop Communications (717)325-4824(717)248-3669 
Bulick, Anastacia The Sentinel - Lewistown (717)248-6741(717)248-3481 
Bulick, Valerie Locust Grove Retirement Village (717)436-8921(717)436-9165 
Burgmayer, David D. Salvation Army (610)348-0468(717)248-8172 
Burke, Geoff Heller - Hoenstine Funeral Homes, Inc. (717)248-7853(717)248-3490 
Burkholder, Pat Asher's Chocolates (717)248-8613(717)248-8637 
Burkholder, Sue Representative Adam Harris (717)436-6001(717)436-5362 
Burlew, Chris Juniata Valley Bank (717)447-0039(717)436-7551 
Burns, Richard C. Burns Associates PC (717)248-4574(717)248-3937 
Burns, Robert L Burns Associates PC (717)248-4574(717)248-3937 
Burris, Tim Sausman Insurance Agency, Inc. (717)436-7555(800)242-5802 
Bush, Jeannie Bushmen Landscaping & Bushmen at Home (717)248-3484 
Bush, Jonathan & Caleb Bushmen Landscaping & Bushmen at Home (717)248-3484 
Byler, Nathan Metzler Forest Products, LLC (717)437-4360(717)667-9769 

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