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Campgrounds & Retreat Centers

Buttonwood Campground Inc.
1515 East River Road
Mifflintown PA 17059
(717)436-8334   Fax: (717)436-7523
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis & Nancy McFarland, Owner
Other Contacts: Ryan McFarland

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Map  Member Since 2000 

About Us...
Buttonwood Campground offers 140 sites, 10 cabins, and a load of amenities for an enjoyable stay. Buttonwood Campground has fun activities for all ages including mini-golf, canoes and kayaks, gem mining, laser activities, a jumping pillow and much more! Enjoy the mountains, the Juniata River, and the fresh air - all in a friendly and beautiful atmosphere.


Hartman Center
Camp Conference and Retreat Center
5725 Old US Highway 322
Milroy PA 17063
(717)667-2431   Fax: (717)667-7071
Matthew Clark

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Map  Member Since 2006 


Kishacoquillas Park
(formerly Derry Township Park)
1 Derry Park Drive
Lewistown PA 17044
(717)248-8151   Fax: (717)248-0063
Kelly J. Shutes

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Map  Member Since 2012 

About Us...
Check out their camping site information at .


Waterside Campground & RV Park
475 Locust Road
Lewistown PA 17044
(717)248-3974   Fax: (717)248-5143
Bradd Rubman
Other Contacts: Norm Van Diest

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Map  Member Since 1995 

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